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The service quality of TrueData is really commendable. There has been never a single glitch that I have faced in more than a year now. Also I would like to mention about the very helpful support team especially Nitesh for all the help.


Meyhar is person helped me on time intall true data and all setting to my system even not working today thanks meyhar


Meyhar is the person who helped me install TrueData Velocity and assisted me with all the settings on my system, even though his shift was over. I appreciate Meyhar's help and assistance.  


My experience with TRUEDATA has been fantastic so far, your data quality and speed is impeccable , your products are best in the country with impeccable prompt service, The support team has pretty much been soft at responding to queries and have more or less solved most issues quickly.


Great service, minimal outage and good support


DATA services EXCELLENT, I have been using your data feed for the last 2 years or so, i’ve never had any reason to complain either on your product or services, both of which have been outstanding. I would recommend your services to any serious trader in the market who is looking out for savvy technology, accuracy of data, freedom from disconnectivity related hassles and a very prompt response time in case of the rare troubleshooting.

Sanjay shetty K M sanjayshetty

Hi Team, We would like to sincerely thanks TRUE DATA Feeds for providing an excellent service. We really appreciate the support team for their support and a special thanks to Mr. RAJ for his fantastic dedication and commitment in solving our queries on time during working as well as post-working hours. We are really looking forward to enjoying your services in the coming year.


I've been using TrueData for over 3 years now. Aside of data quality which is brilliant, i'm impressed by their prompt customer service. It quite prompt & extremely efficient in addressing the matter. The also share really nuanced info in configuring the data feed while their website is quite informative as well. Reps have been outstanding in remembering the context & delivering value proposition which is best fit for my usage patten(instead of making blindfold sales) thus inspiring trust that they have customer interest at the core of their offering. Appreciate they bringing in innovation with new products alongside core offering

Manu Helavar Jumbotail

Its amezing, ??

Ashok C

I have been using True Data as my go-to data provider for trading for the past year, and I must say that I am extremely impressed with the quality of their data and the level of service they provide. The data provided by True Data is accurate and up-to-date, which is crucial for making trading decisions. What I appreciate most about True Data is its level of customer service. Whenever I have a question or need assistance, their customer support team is always available and ready to help. They are knowledgeable, and responsive, and go above and beyond to meet my needs. Overall, I highly recommend True Data to anyone in the trading industry who is looking for a reliable and trustworthy data provider. With accurate data, exceptional customer support, and a user-friendly platform, True Data is the perfect choice for anyone looking to stay ahead of the markets and make informed trading decisions.

Vikram Prasad

It has been a great experience using Truedata service. The data is quite reliable and any issues are promptly resolved by the customer support team. They are extremely patient and helpful when interacting with clients. One of the best services that I have seen.


Truedata really cares for their clients.I have been using their product for past 26 months and never faced any major issue. I am glad to say that your uninterrupted data service, real time support,and EOD support are excellent. Your service of data product is excellent. I really appreciate the fantastic dedication of your support team.


Best tick data service in India. If you want to improve your trading skills, please make sure to try TrueData Services. Also support team was very helpful. I was having problem in setting up MotiveWave on 2 PC's but the support team fixed that issue in no time with quick response even on Sunday's. Thanks a lot to support team.

Indira Priyadarshini

I have been using true data since one year. The team is very supportive and hand holded many times to make me understand the usage of data. They always amaze me with their extended support. My special thanks to Raj sir and Rahul for always supporting and helping me when I was not able to use it in the initial days.The pricing at which they offer such quality data is a gift.Please keep the same enthusiasm. Rock on! Thank you... )

Preeti Chhabra Torin

I had an Amazing Experience with TrueData! The data feed is Seamless and has increased by Efficiency in such a better way that I can now track the Exact Moves of the Market!

Ritu Malik

TrueData provides Excellent Service by their Support Team. Before TrueData, I have used 2 Data Vendors but not satisfied. Recently, I faced some issues with my platform. At that time, they attended me even on Saturdays & Sundays. That shows their Professionalism, which seems to be Rare. Actually, they take pain for their Customers. Checked their data multiple times and found Accurate. The Price on which they are offering this Quality Data is Lowest in the Industry, I think. For TrueData Team, please maintain the same Enthusiasm and keep on doing the same in future as well.


I am using TrueData services from 2020 and they have made My Life so Easy to Trade. TrueData Team is Very Quick with their Response & Solution, if there is any issue faced. They offer the Best & Lowest Price as compared to other Data Vendors. They providing Good Services to their Clients. In India, they are the No. 1 Data Vendor. I Love TrueData and Will Always Stay With Them. Thank You TrueData Team! You Are Doing A Great Job!!

Lakshman Retail trader

Excellent Service & Support from the Team! I Appreciate their Work, they are Very Supportive & Responsive. India’s few Leading Mentors in MP & OFA suggests TrueData data feed. They deliver Accurate Real-time Tick Data. They have A Very Good Tech Support Team. Their Executives are Knowledgeable and it’s Good to be associated with them. I would Recommend TrueData to Everyone and Wishing Them All A Very Best!!

Anurag Gupta

It's now more than 7 years since I am using TrueData services. They are the best data provider. Besides they have a very good support team, which is polite and experienced and is always present to solve any data query. Their data is very accurate. Their data will never let you down and you can use their service without any doubt.

Avinash Abraham Avinash Abraham

I have been using TrueData Services for over an year by now and have been very impressed by the Service Experience their team offers. While there has never been any downtime from their end, I happened to crash my Windows over the weekend and needed urgent assistance pre market on Monday. One of the Support Executives from TrueData attended to my request and went out of his way to reach office early and ensure Velocity was connected to all linked software well in time with all backed up data in place. This is just one of the many interactions I've had with them, which has reinforced my conviction about TrueData being the Right Data Partner for my business. Thank You Team TrueData! Really Appreciate Your Help!!

Shubham Kumar

TrueData Service is Bestest of the Best among all data providers. Most important thing is that the data they provide is Very Accurate and for this, the Pricing is also Very Reasonable. For a Trader, Accurate Data plays a very important role and TrueData fulfills that requirement. If by any chance; I need any kind of help, their Support Team is just one call away to help out. I literally Love their Services. I have been using it from Past 2 Years and never faced any difficulty in anything. I will continue their Services for Lifetime..

BHAVNEET SINGH elixirlearnings.com

I have been using TrueData Velocity product from past 3.5 years. Initially started with taking Monthly plan. But gradually shifted to Annual plan only. Reason being 1. High Accuracy in Data, 2. No Data Lag, 3. When other Brokers Servers stop running charts, this Velocity feed keeps me updated on Live Charts, 4. Connectivity of one plug in with Multi Charting Platforms at the Same Time, 5. Connectivity of same plug in with Excel Sheet, 6. Most importantly, their support team is proactive. They take care of clients queries even during off hours. The list will go on and on.. Because of such a Good Support System and Data Accuracy, I also started taking TrueData API Feed for Commercial Use and without any doubt. Their Data Accuracy and Support System is Amazing! Special mention of TrueData's Customer/Client Relationship Head. He personally takes care of my or my students queries/problems. Thank you TrueData and special thanks to TrueData's Managing Director Mr. Kapil Marwaha for everything!!


I started using TrueData services from 2019 and life has been so easy to trade. Till date I have never faced any issues from TrueData. The services are excellent and I recommend everyone to go with TrueData. The offered data plans too are very cost effective as compared to other data providers..


TrueData is a Very Good Data Feed Provider for Trading! TrueData's Technical Support Team is Excellent and Knowledgeable!


Have been working with TrueData Team for last 2 Years. They provide Great Service, Minimal Outage and Good Support!!


TrueData is BEST in Business. I have been using TrueData for over 3 years now and I am Completely Satisfied with their Commitment towards resolving queries or attending the request. They are Very Professional in their line of work. Keep up the Good Work!! Thank You TrueData!

Lakshman Retail Trader

Excellent Service! I appreciate TrueData for their work. The Support Team is Truly Supportive and Very Responsive. India’s few Leading Mentors in MP & OFA suggests TrueData's Data Feed. They deliver Accurate Real Time Tick Data. They have a Very Good Tech Support Team and their Support Executives are Knowledgeable. It’s good to associate with them. I would recommend TrueData Services to everyone and wishing them all the very best!!


Great Service, Minimal Outage and Good Support!!

Surajit Chatterjee https//dailytrademantra.com/

In one word - Excellent Service!! We are using their services for more than 2 years now and have been continuously getting immediate solution to all our problems. We recommend all Algo traders looking for NSE authorized data, to go ahead with TrueData without any doubt.

Mahipal Surana

Astute Service Experience with TrueData and its Support Team! Seamless Real Time Tick Data Feed with Multiple Software at a time! Prompt Follow-up & Upgrades as desired by clients' needs! Proficient Tech Management Team with Awesome Support Service from the Support Team!


Good Speed And Authentic Data! Excellent Service!


Very Good Service from the TrueData Support Team! I love the services of TrueData and the Supporting Team! They are ready at any time to provide support. I am using the services for last 1 year and I am fully satisfied with the Support from TrueData. Hats Off!! Way To Go!!!

Nishant Somani

Companies are primarily known for their Quality Products, and not After Sales Service as it can go rough at times. But; TrueData excels in Customer Service Department like no one else, leave datafeed quality alone. They all are Courteous and Supportive; Patient enough to Listen and Address Client's problem. They all are Honest, which is Remarkable. The Data Vendor and datafeed is Reliable indeed. Keep up the Good Work!

Ashok Kalaria

TrueData Velocity Technical Team is Very Knowledgeable and Highly Supportive. They have Solved my Difficult Problems Very Easily. They are Always Ready To Help even during the Stressful Times of Trading Hours. I wish them all around Success.


Firstly, I would like to thank the TrueData team for their great support all these years. My experience with TrueData has been fantastic so far. The Data quality added with the Speedy connectivity is simply impeccable. Last but not the least, I would like to thank your support team for their timely help in all situations and the entire team is very understanding & cooperative. Through this journey of four years with TrueData, I have evolved very strongly as a mentor & guide imparting knowledge to many in Order Flow Analysis, all this has happened because of the reliability and clean services from team TrueData. My wishes to you all in all your endeavours ?

Chetan Kumar R. CV Traders

I am an Intraday trader with more than DECADE experience. For me, data is very critical for templates we use like Market Profile and Orderflow. TrueData delivers realistic, reliable, and accurate real-time data seamlessly. I am using TrueData for 6 years with Great customer support with very few issues. Thanks for your quality data services. I recommend TrueData to many traders and will continue to recommend and I wish TrueData to maintain the same quantity of support...

Ghanshyam Naik NiftyEducation.com

All my customers are happy with TrueData. It is just the Best in India. Premium Services at Very Reasonable and Acceptable Rates. Thanks TrueData!

Santhosh Kumar Trading Solutions

TrueData is offering most Reliable Data Feed at very Reasonable Price. Past 1 year, I am using TrueData with integration of Amibroker for Algo Trading in FNO segment. TrueData has a Support Team of Well Qualified Executives, having the ability to fix any problem immediately. I have 10+ clients who are using TrueData services, which is Hassle FREE. Also, VPS service is Excellent for Algo Trading. I would highly recommend TrueData for Accurate and Best Data Feed.

Shyam Sundar

Very good service from the TrueData Support Team! I love the services of TrueData and the supporting team! They are ready at any time to provide support. I am using the services for last 1 year and I am fully satisfied with the Support from the TrueData. Hats off!! Way to go!!!

Ashu Jagdish Kakkar 9346652475 and 7815995713

I have been with TrueData for last 6 years and my experience with TrueData and its Support Team has been phenomenal. The Support team is really helpful, professional and courteous. I would say they provide the best data services in our country - Seamless Data and Seamless Support Service. I would recommend going for their products and services. Good going and keep it up, guys! Thanks and my good wishes to all at TrueData.


Saturday the 06th of November 2021, was like a catastrophe, my computer consisting of TrueData Velocity crashed. I tried to recover but in vain. I fired a mail to TrueData on Sunday in despair. To my utter surprise, my subscription of Velocity was immediately shifted to other computer that too without any charge and further communication. Now the story begins.. I was not able to configure the data to my Ninja Trader 8 software. It being Sunday, I was hopeless about any support from TrueData but again I was on the wrong side. I received a phone call directly from the Customer Relationship Head of TrueData after a short while. He himself extended his whole hearted support and rectified the fault in spite of it being a holiday. We had a brief chat too and the CRH is a Thorough Gentleman and a True Professional.

Divye Puri

What a Wonderful Team of Professionals!! Always Eager to Help, Listen to Customers with Patience, and Ready to Give Prompt Solutions. Super Impressive! Keep up the Good Work!!

Anonymous N/A

This is a note of appreciation for one of your support executives. Some time ago I had purchased a package from TrueData. However, there was a rare instance where for some reason there appeared to be issues since data was not reflecting in real time. I reached out to this support executive for the same. From the start it was evident that he was truly dedicated to solving this rare issue/problem. He showed tremendous time and patience to verbally understand the issue and had several sessions of remote access to understand the issue in depth. I must point out that the remote access sessions were aimed very specifically at troubleshooting the issue and trying out various scenarios and also going into depth to understand my system details as well as the versions of local software being used where the issue was being faced. He followed up diligently within the time period he had stated and tried a solution provided to him. Though this solution did not work at that point, he again spent time to understand the scenarios whereby the problems were occurring. He kept his word regarding a timeline by when he would again get back to him, after discussing the issue with the related development team. All in all, eventually he did provide the patch required to solve this very specific and rare issue. Additionally, without me asking, he coordinated with the billing team to ensure my current package was not billed for the few days during which the issue had occurred. Based on the excellent customer service, problem solving/issue resolving skills and constant communication, I went ahead and extended my data subscription package with TrueData. Again, I am thankful to this support executive for all the coordination, customer service and genuine help provided. Thank You TrueData!

Sachit Bhatt

The Cheetah Software is amazing!! The Support staff is very Friendly, Supportive and Knowledgeable. The software provides deep insights into the hidden details of complicated tools like Option Chain. Namely, the Derivative Tools are beyond surreal. I would recommend this to everyone who actually wants to make profit.

Sachit Bhatt

The Customer Support is amazing!! The products are amazing from the top to bottom and back the employees of this company are amazing, so are the products... Reiterating the same thing twice perfectly depicts my satisfaction..

Sachin Mankapure

Your company should be awarded for customer satisfaction for not only the support and professional service you provide, but also for the new features you guys provide. It's customer delight experience all the times. All the best ????

Bharath RL

I use TrueData in AmiBroker and Ninja Trader 8. I have not faced any issue so far. It's very Smooth and Reliable. The Customer Support / Billing Team is very Courteous and Professional. Subscribed to EQUITY, F&O, and MCX Segments (Only a few might provide MCX data). All my needs are met at one place. Thanks TrueData and Kudos to the Entire Team.


I am very much impressed with both TrueData products and its services. Customer Support is amazing and been one of the best experiences I have ever had with a customer support in terms of knowledge and willingness to help. Upgrade is really simple and just button click making our life easier. Also, the data is highly accurate and reliable. Thank You very much, TrueData and Team!

Anant Patil

"TrueData" - The Name itself speaks about the Core Values of the Company. TrueData is an Exceptional Data Vendor when it comes to Data Accuracy. Customer Service and Support has been above and beyond. Thank You TrueData!!


I am using TrueData services for over 3 years. It works perfect in Ninja Trader 8 software. New product Options Decoder is amazing! Changed my trading style. Customer Support Team is truly amazing! Always kind and responds patiently. In my simple words - Happy With TrueData.

Duhita D. -

Very reliable product. I find it a bit on the expensive side though. Their support team helped me a lot with smooth and quick installation to use the services.

Deepak TraderEdge

TrueData Positioning you for Profits! Really, is it? Wait, lets summarize what benefits TrueData is giving Data Accuracy - Highly Accurate as per Exchange Real-Time + EOD Data - Same as other vendors. Online Customer Support - Instant - can't be compared. Mode of Working - Can run various Trading Application without any extra cost, not a single vendor apart from TrueData offering this feature so far. So, TrueData have every possible feature for trader and they are consistently working on giving an edge to the Traders.

Ankit kishor

TrueData's customer service is simply awesome. They reply to my queries as and when I text them and they make sure that it gets sorted the best way possible.


TrueData is providing good Real-Time data and support team also help very nice, I am using their service from last 2 years onwards.

Duran Mondal

When buying a phone or any electronic device, what come to one's mind? How will be the after sales service? I am in love with the customer support of TrueData. They are quick, reliable, and have a virtue like gentlemen. I want to mention names here, but I can't. I found that the data feed is best in class. If you are skeptical, give them a ring, JUST BUY/INVEST in them and sit relax. Target is fruitful.

Arvind Gnanesh Raj

The data has been consistently very accurate. Also, Value for money (spent on the plans) is extremely high. Best is for last The Customer Support Team is truly amazing. Taking few names is not fair because each and everyone I have interacted with have always been very kind and with utmost patience helped/guided/clarified in every instance of interaction. True meaning of "Customer Support" can be taught by bringing up the name of this team as an example. This makes it a deadly combination for me to continue subscribing to TrueData.


I have been using your F&O data feed for the last 3 years. Data quality is accurate and reliable (as per exchange), and always getting Excellent support. Now I have started using OPTION DECODER as well. It is really awesome and made my trade very easy and profitable. It is giving me very clear view of long build-up, short build-up and my confidence level has increased. My special thanks to Support Team and OPTION DECODER.

Adarsh Kakkar TFG

True; Itself a synonym of real.... It's as good as its name.... Service, Support and Satisfaction is the key of this company. All the best for future.... Keep it up!


I have been trading for over 10 years and in these years used many trading software which need real time data. After taking service from one, I have settled with TrueData for more than 5 years for Real Time data feed for my trading Software. Their data Quality and Speed for using in multiple applications is really Good and their support team is excellent who go out of the way to solve any issues not only during Real Time Market but also during Holidays or Non Trading days. I Wish them All the luck and a Happy New Year for the service they have been giving to the traders . Also Looking forward for new ventures from TrueData in the Coming New Year like in the past.

Hemant Kumar Singh

I have been to many data feed providers and have now finally settled with TrueData. The speed and flexibility of using the data in multiple applications are simply outstanding. The entire team of TrueData are simple and honest people who are willing to go extra mile to address your support issues. They are very humble and ensures that the customers leave them on a happy note. Frankly speaking, they are always there to help and even on holidays they have helped me on email. Truly, they are TrueData and the data feed is excellent and they are always open to feedback and this attitude will take them to newer heights. Wishing them all the very best. Looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

Armaan Singh Self Trading

TrueData is the best data vendor out there. Very fast and reliable. The support team is very good, always up there for help. I am really happy using this.

Sushil Raul

As they say data is new Oil, hence you need to have dependable source of data. Backbone for today's modern, tech-savvy trade is reliable data source. I would say TrueData is excellent data feed company with most reliable data feeds which lives up to the expectations. I am an Algo trader and use various platforms including my own platform and need was to find data feed provider who would seamlessly cater to our complex requirements. We also trade as a group and need customized data feed for our requirement. After talking to many data feed companies my search ends at TrueData. They made custom plan for our requirement very quickly and efficiently. I found TrueData team most courteous and professional. I would say its the best support team I have ever come across. They are very responsive and resolve your issues if any to your expectations. I would highly recommend TrueData as the services are at par with global companies and prices are much better vis-a-vis the values they deliver.


I am an Algo trader. For us, data is very critical. TrueData delivers agile, realistic, reliable, and clean real time data seamlessly. Our trading systems are stable coupled with TrueData. Thanks for your quality data services!

Sameer Hirlekar Score+

I am in habit of choosing the product/services which has very prompt and robust service support backup. I am happy that I have chosen TrueData. Every time in different type of problems easy or severe from technical point of view team true data is always at forefront to resolve the problems. Predominantly every time as I face problem, True data Team resolves it quickly and politely with smile on their face with sugar factory on their tongue and ice factory on their head. Resolved my problems in a jiffy at eleventh hour also they are ready to help thanks from bottom of my heart and kudos to Team TrueData

Indrazith Shantharaj Profile Traders

With a new version of Velocity, TrueData team has solved all the old issues and it is good to use at the moment!

Vishal Mehta Marketscanner

I have to admit. TrueData is the best data vendor out there. The speed and flexibility of using the data in multiple applications are unmatched. Good Job TrueData team!

Anshul Jain

The data is very accurate and good experience. What I liked most was the support provided by their support team. They are very patience, soft spoken & they go that extra mile to serve their clients. Till date I haven't seen such guys in support team. They are an asset to TrueData.

Bhavneet Stockpro Private Limited

I have been using TrueData services from past one and half years and till now I have not faced even a single glitch from the software (TrueData velocity) and data gets fed simultaneously to all my softwares (Ninjatrader 7, Amibroker and Excel sheet calculators) without any problem. That's why I recommended the use of TrueData Velocity to all my students after using and comparing TrueData with other data vendors in the market. I would also like to mention about the support services, which is exceptionally superior. Support team resolves all the queries asap and they regularly take feedback from their clients ensuring trust generation.

Dippak bhate Individual

Very good data , your support team members are very kind and has given very good service.

Amit Singla Findoc

Accurate and reliable data vendor, about your services I can just say - EXCELLENT!

Dr. Prakash Raval Private Practice

Amazing, truly satisfied, keep going and growing like that till INFINITY... GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Chari S Ramesh

I am an investment consultant with almost 3 decades of experience. I have dealt with various companies providing data feeds and charting platforms. None impressed me like TRUE DATA. Though my Journey with True data has started quite recently I feel I am with them for ages. I have been using their data feeds for Ninja Trader and have found to be consistent, uninterrupted and is truly real-time and they are really TRUE DATA. The support team is extremely understanding and supportive of the customer requirements. They go all out to solve our problems Kudos to the Team for their excellent work. With this commitment I am sure they will scale greater heights.

Chintan Vaishnav Universal Engineering Corporation

I have great experience with TrueData support team, their service is Best.

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