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Very Smart Market Data Plugin

An Advanced
& Smart Plugin

Automatically Connects With Your TA

  • No Need To Login Everytime

  • Auto Backfill Updated In 2 Seconds

  • Most Reliable and Fast Data Plugin Software For All TA

  • RT Quote Window - Post Market Hours Also


A Plugin
For All Platforms

Run Different TA Application Simultaneously

  • Run Multiple Instances Of Amibroker Simultaneously

  • View Continuous & Contract Futures At The Same Time

  • Use The Same Login ID On Multiple Computers

  • Compatible With Most Technical Analysis Software

Smart plugin software for traders

Real-Time & Historical Data Plugin

Velocity Versions & Plans

Velocity Versions & Plans

All of the following features are common to all TrueDate Velocity Plans

Simultaneous Continuous & Contract Futs | Streaming Realtime Quotes Screen | Open Interest As An-Indicator
Historical Data (1min, 5min, 15min, 60min.) | Excel Support | Free Remote Assitance | Loyalty Benefits and more...

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