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Partly Implemented

in velocity2 if we search for say "metal" then"niftymetal" does not show up.. have to type nifty metal fully which defeats the purpose of search. partial string search wud be better way to implement search

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Thanks for the idea !

Yes I agree.. & we have been trying to achieve this.

The problem is that the number of symbols is almost 60,000 & we are scanning both the columns (Symbol & Alias) for the text you enter in search. In case we make it search a string inside all the 60,000 * 2 rows.. it will take very long to scan all the symbols.

However, we have not given up this & are still trying to enable it if we can search inside the string quickly, but to do it quickly is difficult.

Will update you if this would be possible.



how abt implementing esignal style? a drop down box for fut/opt/stock and then enter part symbol name for easy lookup


I think our current set up is faster than making you select separate things. We had put it in the first place, but decide to empower you more. :-)

I don't think it is difficult to search any symbol with ease now but of course there is always scope for improvement.


or implement a symbol search on the site itself ! tht way a lookup can be doen there on faster backend and type the symbol in velocity


Yes ! This is possible. But it needs you :-

  • To move away from the application to your web browser
  • Go to our site
  • Go to the Symbol Search Link
  • Find the symbol after entering it in search
  • Come back to the application
  • Enter the symbol again
  • Search for the exact symbol & Activate it by clicking on the check box

Is this not a longer way ?

We are looking for easier methods, but we needs ideas to make this method which you have suggested easier.


For Velocity 2.0 create list of favourite Indices or FO for selection of the stocks to be incorporated for real time.

Examples :

Current Month : This list will pull up all the NIFTY-I, RELIANCE - I and so on so user can have option to select all and get the data

NSE200 Index : It will give all the 200 Stocks of Nifty.

Getting indices constituents are not difficult, which is available on NSE Website.


We will try to automate this.. However sometimes these links do change..

For the time being, you can download the exact symbol list (.csv ) from here


& then go to Velocity 2.0 > Symbols > Add Symbols / List

Paste this list & click on Finish ... All the symbols will be added & the data (1 min + EOD ) of the scrips downloaded into Velocity immediately.