Not able to see the chart on amibroker

Tarakeshwar NC shared this problem 1 year ago
Not a Problem

I start the velocity 2.0 and amibroker (ver 6.10) at 9.00 am much before market starts.

Following is the observation.

1. Amibroker does not show the chart from 9.15 am. Some times it shows 1 tick and gets stuck. Only way is to close the amibroker and restart. This is a major concern. In fact (today 20th June 2016) completely missed the NF movement in initial few mins.

FYI - this is not due to internet failure. zerodha-pi shows the charts and also RPD to a cloud based server shows the terminals getting the data.

Please suggest a solution.

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(1) I think we need to check for your set up. If it is not done properly or the plugins have not been installed properly this could be a problem. Also, the Amibroker setting needs to be checked.

(2) Also, it seems something may be blocking the feed, as it starts flowing. It has been seen that some Antivirus and firewall tend to block the large amount of tick data, in case the application has not been fully authorized, access to the internet. This could also cause poor history downloading if your internet is intermittent. You need to ensure that the firewall / antivirus gives full access to Amibroker & Velocity 2.0.

(3) If this issue persists & you are not able to resolve this, please schedule a re-setup session with our Live chat agents. We will delete the set up, reinstall while ensuring that your firewalls etc.. give full authorization to the application and to Velocity. You must also make sure that both Amibroker & Velocity 2.0 are set to 'Run as Administrator' at all times.

(4) I am sure once we explore the reason for this, we will find it and cure the problem.

(5) We cannot compare with others / brokers, as we work differently and need to download extensive history, for which we need a good internet connection & also need full freedom given to Velocity 2.0 & Amibroker by your firewalls / antivirus.


I have dedicated (only for market) 10Mbps (upload and 10 Mbps download ACT wired connection. I believe speed is good enough for 40 symbols. Please let me know if it is not.


That should be absolutely fine - bandwidth wise and provided the feed is not intermittent or does not get disconnected.