Automated update of the missed tick data.

Tarakeshwar NC shared this idea 8 months ago

I had a internet failure for a minute at

Velocity completely missed the that tick and showed data from 2.03 (3m time frame chart). Velocity does not auto-matically get the missed data. :-( I had to fetch the data manually.

I was earlier using data feed from your competition. Their plugin was able to get it automagically without user intervening!!

Please let me if this can be a feature in velocity ?

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Thank you for posting this idea.

I am posting the points towards your query, below:-

(1) This is already a feature in Velocity, however, Tick data History access or for that matter any history access needs a steady & a decent bandwidth internet connection.

(2) Most of our competition provides Minute History Data and not Tick data as yet. History in other time frames requires lesser internet bandwidth and is easier to download. The main challenge is in the history downloading, in case of an intermittent internet connection.

(3) However, if you do have a disconnection & once your connection is back, Velocity does reconnect and fills the data from the last spot. But, if the connection is slow or intermittent on reconnect, it may not be able to download the history, insite of having requested for it from the server. In this case, if you restart Velocity & Amibroker or your TA application, after your internet has properly connected, it will surely fill the history.

(4) Also, it must be noted that, in case before your tick history could be downloaded & filled, because of a slow / intermittent internet connection and the real time charts have started to update, in that case, Amibroker will not accept the history for the missed period. It is not clear in your query as to which TA you are using. I am assuming Amibroker, as you mentioned the competition.

>> In all these other cases you will need to do it manually, by 'Updating From Feed' & 'Backfilling 1 day data'.

The solution is as follows :-

(1) Try to subscribe for a more reliable internet connection, if you wish to work with Tick Data.

(2) We know Sl. No. 1 can be tricky in India, so in case of a disconnection - connection, restart your TA (Amibroker) + Velocity 2.0 (After the internet is connected)

(3) If you do not want to restart, then you will need to Force the Backfill, which is the only option. Use the 'Update From Feed' feature in Velocity 2.0 and the 'Backfill 1 day data' if you wish to download any missing data very quickly.

Hope this helps !