How to Export Data from Velocity 2.0

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We all know that Velocity 2.0 coming with some unique features. Out of that we will show you how to export data from your Velocity 2.0 software.

Step 1:- Open Velocity 2.0

Step 2 :- Go to the Tools >>Database >>Export Data of Selected Symbols

Step 3 :- 

Open Symbols Options for Exporting Data

Step 4 :- Select Symbols which you want to export data

Step 5 :- Click Next and select time frame which you want

Step 6 :- Select the range of data

Step 7 :- Select the path where you want to stored that Exported Data

Step 8 :-  Go to the Data Folder [Date (yyyy-mm-dd) and Time (hh-mm-ss)]

Data Exporting.....

Step 9 :- Open Folder

 You can see all Files which we have selected.

Here we can see NIFTY-I (Date-Time -Open- High - Low- Close -Volume and Open Interest) format

This is all about Export Data from Velocity 2.0 you can also Import Data in Velocity.

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